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Luminous, uplifting, ultra-smoothing and protective, Hypnotic Eye Potion is the ultimate treatment for the contour of your eyes.

Slip this airless pen in your purse to erase expression lines in the wink of an eye and refresh your look at any time.

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by in vivo tests: wrinkle-volume was reduced by up to 47% in only 15 minutes*.

This iridescent cream also makes an excellent corrective base, helping conceal your under-eye circles. It offers a protective shield against pollution and UV rays.

Luminous, perfectly rested, the contour of your eyes regains youth and seduction.

Cream texture, divinely smooth and refreshing.

An innovative formula with spectacular action to awaken the eyes and diminish the appearance of expression lines.

  • Immediate skin-lifting effect (up to 6 hours and may be refreshed during the day)

  • Corrects and brightens dark circles (the mica content acts similarly to a concealer)

  • Strengthens the skins biological defense mechanism against UV rays and pollution

  • Prevents visible signs of skin ageing and protects cellular youth


    Apply to skin around your eyes, in the morning or whenever you like throughout the day.

    Smooth on with the applicator, working from the inside corner of the eye toward the outside corner, and concentrating on crows-feet.

    Before first use, press the applicator several times.

    Upon application, after a clearly refreshing effect,a light tingling sensation may occur. This signals that the product is taking effect, and will subside after a few minutes.